yep. When we met my wife wasn't much into cars. Now she wants a Zonda if she wins the lottery, knows what an Atom is, drives our kids around in our Evo, spec'd out her own Cooper S with sport suspension and will watch Top Gear with me. Her and I have driven the Nurburgring and she drove a lap. We went to Le Mans in… » 1/26/15 6:07pm Monday 6:07pm

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby for me. Had to help setup Friday as I am one of the few dad's who owns a real truck and then our den had food duty, so I shilled out 90 800 calorie Costco muffins. The boy came in third and we get/have to go race in the district event in a couple of months. First place car looked suspiciously… » 1/25/15 8:01am Sunday 8:01am

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